Our Process


Tried-and-true positioning for a great brand is usually very simple and authentic but you have to do your homework. To ensure measurable success, we need to understand your company’s goals, customers, purpose and values. This will provide substance to your brand and is where all the visual and verbal strategies will come to light. We begin with a discovery session where we dig deep to find out all about your company, research the market landscape as well as your target audience demographics and behaviors. This provides us a base that is well-defined so we can get started on your strategic marketing plan which will serve as a compass for all future projects. We believe that this down-to-earth framework that will identify your brand and assign it’s guidelines, will keep your marketing efforts on track for the long haul.


Discovery Form   •   Background Research   •   Persona & Name Development

Brand Promise   •   Verbal Strategy


Your brand is who you are. Staying “true” to its purpose is how you build credibility and longevity – the key to long-term success. Now that we know your brands guidelines, we make it look good throughout all of your identity materials. These building blocks to your marketing efforts need to be cohesive and unified in look and feel so they convey the true personality of your brand. We go through a series of creative processes with our clients so we can target the key personality traits of their brand and their promise. This provides us targeted and relevant messaging as our standards so we can give the brand life and make it memorable to your clients, staff and anyone you come in contact with.


Visual Strategy  •    Logo Design  •   Brand Standards


Once the brand has been solidly established, we’re ready to begin promoting your brand experience through powerful and positive messages to your intended audience. From the moment your brand launches out into the marketplace, we actively listen to the market’s reaction and prepare the next strategy while staying informed in your industry. Clear and vivid communication reinforces what your brand is all about and will carve out a meaningful market position for you. It’s all about getting the right message out to the right people at the right time while staying relevant, timely and of course, engaging! We never forget we are marketing to people and we want to touch them so they connect with your brand on an emotional level.


Public Relations    •   Writing Services  •   Corporate Communications

Media Relations    •   Social Media Programs

We Make it Simple!

Doing business can be a complicated business.  Using our tried and TRUE process, we’ll help move your business in the right direction.